Redwitz we are first and foremost an advisor to our clients. We strive to be a sounding board and consultant for all of their business needs. Our ultimate goal is to help our clients improve their individual financial position and increase their personal net worth. The professionals at Redwitz feel very strongly it is our job to provide timely, strategic financial advice to help build financial security for our clients.

As businesses become more complex, it is increasingly difficult for business owners to assess the trends affecting operations or to find time to do so. In addition, many successful companies cannot or choose not to maintain a full internal accounting staff to meet their needs. Accordingly, many successful companies utilize outsourced professionals for their accounting and finance needs. To meet these needs, we customize our outsourced CFO services to align with the needs of your business, and to give you the help and support you require.

Redwitz currently assists companies in a variety of integrated and seamless services. Specifically, we can assist your business in the following areas:

  • Design and implementation of accounting systems
  • Budgeting and forecast modeling
  • Payroll tax, sales tax and property tax preparation
  • Accounting personnel recruitment, selection, and training
  • Asset management systems, including systems for cash management, credit management, debt collection, property and inventory management
  • Recordkeeping including payroll records, bank reconciliations, accounts payable and accounts receivable and general ledger.
  • Financial statements (monthly, quarterly and annually)

Our firm provides wide-ranging accounting, financial management and consulting services on a part-time or interim basis. In many cases, business owners find that outsourced financial services are more cost effective than hiring full-time accounting or financial employees. They also find that both the quality and timeliness of financial management information is improved. The bottom line is that we assist in improving the performance of your business, and bring peace of mind to the business owner.