As enterprises grow and develop, their needs for business and financial advice and support become more sophisticated and specialist.  And this is especially so for those wishing to exploit international opportunities.  Those opportunities can range from accessing foreign markets, sourcing products or services in low cost environments, to researching opportunities for mergers, acquisitions or divestment.  And all this usually takes money – be it internal investment, raising of external borrowing or accessing private equity or public markets.

For business and personal objectives to be maximized the right due diligence, advice and support is essential.  And so is an adviser who is connected globally with trusted professionals with the expertise and experience to support such strategies. That is where AGN members score, with their depth of local knowledge and international outlook & understanding, giving commercial, pragmatic and genuine advice to support clients’ needs.

International expansion can also bring with it the burden of a foreign establishment, and the need not only to keep local books and records, but also to comply with a raft of other potentially unfamiliar local laws and regulations.  Small wonder that many clients chose to work with a trusted local partner and outsource these important needs.  Of course, AGN members are ideally placed to support these needs, with their deep local knowledge and use of the latest cloud-based platforms to keep clients informed, and allow them to focus on their business’ success, not just its administration.

And of course, occasionally things unfortunately do not go as planned.  In such cases, special purpose investigations, forensic analysis or business restructuring skills can achieve clarity, and help inform the best available actions.  Many AGN members have deep expertise in these areas and can assist their clients to retrieve value from a situation, wherever in the world the issue presents itself.

Within our mission of high standards, straight forward & practical business advice and local commercial know-how, wherever the need arises worldwide, AGN members support their clients with capabilities in the following main advisory and outsourcing areas:

  • Due diligence and transaction support
  • Reporting for private equity and public  markets
  • Merger and acquisition search and support
  • Raising finance & business planning
  • Business efficiency and strategy consulting
  • Human resource and legal consulting
  • Spacial purpose investigations
  • Forensic & insurance investigations and expert witness services
  • Business restructuring and insolvency
  • Outsourced foreign office support services
  • Outsourced accounting and compliance services

If you will let us know your requirements, we will be delighted to connect you with an AGN member to meet you needs.

Disclaimer: AGN International Ltd (and its regional affiliates; together “AGN”) is a not-for-profit worldwide membership association of separate and independent accounting and advisory businesses.   AGN does not provide services to the clients of its members, which are provided by Members alone.  AGN and its Members are not in partnership together, they are neither agents of nor obligate one another, and they are not responsible or liable for each other’s services, actions or inactions.

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